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Ok....I was reading rumors for the 5th book, and it's been known for a long while that we'll find out something about Lily. Something big. Well people are being downright stupid about that.

They're saying that Lily used to be a death eater. Ok that's fine so far, and it proves why y.k.w. wanted to kill the potters. Then they say that Voldie and Lily were married, and they had harry.

well, that explains how theyr connected in all those weird ways. But its just a little too star wars. I'm sorry. It's like.. "" Ok I'm sorry no. It's just too far fetched. And if voldie was harry's father, why is harry's middle name James, after James Potter? And thats besides the fact that Voldie is 25 yrs older than Lily.

Which leads some people to say that Lily is Voldemort's daughter. Ok....Lily has a sister. Named Petunia. did you forget?!?!? And she's not a witch. Voldie is half blood....and he hates muggles and mudbloods, so he wouldnt have married eithe of them, and in that case, they could not have a muggle daughter...Petunia. Although it would explain possibly why petunia hated lily....if she got to be a witch...she would have been jealous. But it just doesnt work. And thats besides the fact that harry saw his grandparents in the mirror of erised, and none of them were voldemort.

Harry and Voldie must be related....but not through lily. We don't know alot about James' family though. Be we do know that Harry, Voldie, and James have black hair. But we also know that Tom (voldie was an only child.) Because his mother died in childbirth, and his father left and, and was promtly murdered 7-8 years later. And Voldie is about 25 yrs older than they cannot even be half bros through Tom sr.

Theres so many rumors about Lily being involved with the dark side though.....but there were ridiculous rumors about the 4th book too. I dont believe that Lily was ever on the dark side.

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