Nicole & Julie -- Potterholics (sparkle_dot) wrote,
Nicole & Julie -- Potterholics


Nicoley! AH! Ok, so I need to know if you can do the party ON July 31 FOR SURE. And since we're the "hostesses", do you wanna dress up? (I just wanna look HPy!!) Yes, HPy is now a word! We could borrow some of the old HSHS black grad robes and put the little house emblem on it, and I could crimp my hair and fluff it and be hermione! WHEEEEE!

P.S. I dun think we'll be able to play quidditch, the thing will start between 5 n 6, and I dun think ppl are gonna wanna be sweaty or have to bring other clothes. We can do it another time though! WHEE! And give me alllllll your ideas!
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hey guys this is julia nicole's friend in cali. i just thought i'd leave a note so u could know that i DID visit ur site journal thing. well anyway i think its so cool that u guys are totally into harry potter. i mean i love HP definitely...nto as much as u guys but still...its cool to know that it has such a loyal following.
Hell yah HP is Too bad some people think it promotes satanism... bloody muggles...
JULIA! YAY! I visted your journal thing too. You havent updated in like 732572345 yrs though. AND YOU HAVE TO HELP ME PACK FOR WHEN I COME TO SEE YOU!!!!! And i'll bring alllll my pics and my yr book and all that fun stuff. whee!